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Make: Alvis
Type: Front Wheel Drive ex-Le Mans
Year: 1928
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Alvis Front Wheel Drive 1928 ex-Le Mans winner

UK registration: WK 5492

The Alvis connoisseurs will understand, but for those who are not so familiar with this somehow forgotten British car manufacturer let me explain why I, being myself an Alvis aficionado, was so excited to enter this particular Alvis into my classic car stock.

Not only is this one of very rare (approx. 150 in total) Alvis FWD sportscars, which were for the late twenties of an unseen very advanced technological design,  judge for yourself:

- front wheel drive

- 4 independent wheels

- 1500 cc overhead cam 4-cylinder engine usually supercharged

- inboard front wheel brakes.

but most importantly, WK 5492 is the Factory Le Mans Alvis FWD which together with sister-car WK5491 competed at the 24h race in 1928 and scored 1-st and 2-nd in the 1.5 litre class and finishing 6-th and 9-th overall! Wow, an impressive achievement!

Please have a look at the period black & white photos to savour these glorious days for Alvis and the Alvis factory Le Mans pilots.

The class winning car of Maurice Harvey and Harold Purdey (WK 5491  race N° 27) vanished soon afterwards, but N° 28 car, registered WK 5492 with driving shared by Alvis stalwart Bill Urquhart-Dykes and Bentley hero Sammy Davis, luckily survived.

Full history and successive owners are known.

Also the restoration, which started in the sixties but was only finalised in 2001, is very well documented.

Today WK 5492 wears a lovely patina that puts you straight back into the 1928 vista.

A unique car just itching to enter the Le Mans Classic with, this time, you at her steering wheel?


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