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Make: Alvis
Type: TD21
Year: 1961
Price: € 0

Alvis TD21 Coupé Alvo 1961 LHD


Who from now and then does not feel a bit rebellion and wants to jump out of the queue of well behaving classic car owners?


For those who feel challenged, I have the perfect low profile "hooligan" classic. On first sight it is an Alvis TD21 Coupé, but a closer look reveals it is an "Alvo" or should I say "Volvis", because this Alvis TD21 was upgraded with Volvo mechanics.

- Volvo B230 FT engine with Turbo developping 180+bhp ( fully renovated incl turbo). Considered as one of the most robust Volvo Turbo engines. Produced in 1983 and 1984 in Volvo 200 and 700 series.

- Volvo M47 gearbox: 4 speed + OD ( overhauled)

- Power steering , Lhd

- Brakes:

Front: ventilated discs with 4 pot calipers.

Rear: discs with 2 pot calipers.

Hydraulic brake servo from Audi Quattro


For better comfort, modern Air Conditionning was fitted and a more comfortable leather interior from the Saab 900 Convertible.

The hint that this Alvis is in fact a wolf in sheepsclothes is given away by the centre lock light alloy wheels and the Aston Martin style vents in the front GRP wings.

The tow-bar with a 1500 kg max load spec is mainly there to put a smile on the face of everyone who has just has been overtaken by this Alvo-Volvis.


Alternatively this specific Alvis TD21 Coupé might just be the perfect tow-car to trail your competition sportscar to go historic racing!

As you can see from the photos this Alvis is in excellent fully restored and sorted condition.

Guaranteed a permanent grim on your face when driving this beast!



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