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Make: Lancia
Type: Aprilia
Year: 1937
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Lancia Aprilia 1937 RHD


The first time I saw a Lancia Aprilia was at a pre war rally in Italy.

I will never forget the sight in front of me of an agile, elegant, beautifully streamlined saloon dancing as if it was a young prima ballerina along the Apennine mountain roads.


Although I was driving a rather powerful British Tourer, I had a hard time to keep up with this ballerina.

At the lunch stop we got acquainted! The name of this young prima ballerina? Lancia Aprilia!


The Aprilia was the last Lancia developped under the guidance of Vicenzo Lancia himself. The story goes that when he went for the first test drive together with his engineers, Vincenzo Lancia remained silent during the whole duration of this test drive (Torino to Bologna and back), making his collaborators feeling very uneasy. Only after having driven the new Aprilia back home he threw up his hands, exclaiming: "What a fantastic car!"


That is exactly what this Lancia Aprilia in reality is: a benchmark in automobile engineering of the pre war era. Judge for yourself:

- monocoque construction

- streamlined body

- all round independant suspension

- very compact V4 1.352 cc engine producing 48 BHP. Aluminium block and cast iron cylinderhead with hemispherical combustion chambers. Duraluminium conrods.


Being smaller, faster and easier to drive than the contemporary opposition, it was not surprising at all that the Lancia Aprilia had a glorious, very diverse competition carreer.


This Aprilia came from the collection of a North-Italian businessman who could afford to take very well care of his classic cars, because this Aprilia is in beautiful cosmetic and excellent mechanical condition.


I recently test drove this Aprilia myself on a dry winters day: A tremendous pleasure!

Are you too in for some pre war motoring fun? Not to forget that this Aprilia is Mille Miglia eligible...


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