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Make: Ferrari
Type: Dino 246 GT 1st series LHD
Year: 1970
Price: € 0

Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1-st series 1970 LHD

Chassis: 246 GT 01106

I am 100% sure that I am not standing alone, when I pretend that if there was 1 sports car which deserves the status of design-icon, the Ferrari Dino 246 GT should be the one. And amongst the different series of this Dino, the 1-st series, or officially L-series 246 GT, is without any doubt the one I would prefer to own.

Also Dino-guru Mr. Matthias Bartz writes in his Dino Compendium book:

"Just like the 206 GT, its successor, the 246 GT L-series (1-st series), is very popular among purists and collectors. Its market value fetches a premium of at least 10 to 20 % compared to later 246 models. The reason for this are the low production volume (355 ex.), attractive centre locking wheel rims and original appearance of this early Dino".


This 1-st series Dino 246 GT was sold new to the French Ferrari representative Pozzi in Paris and immediately exported to Auto-Becker, official Ferrari importer for Germany, in Dusseldorf.

According to the Dino registry, this 1-st series 246 GT re-appears in 1994 in the hands of a dealer in Strassbourg and is successively owned by a collector in Paris and was later on part of a large classic car collection of a cosmetica magnate in Nice.

My customer, a young businessman from Eastern Europe, who from his childhood on, is madly in love with the Dino, has been searching for several years for the best Dino on the market and decided 4-5 years ago to buy the 1-st series Dino 246 GT with chassis n° 01106 in Nice.

He studies the car in detail and meets all the Dino specialists, and only then decides to restore his pride and joy respecting rigorously originality and with great attention to detail.

The result is the magnificent sports car you see here on my website, having proven in the meantime, to the owners delight, her total reliability after some years of careful summer use.

By now you understood: This is your chance! After all the hard work done by someone else, you can just concentrate on enjoying this styling icon with many years of just immense fun ahead!

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