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Make: Lancia
Type: Aprilia Volpini barchetta
Year: 1937
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Lancia Aprilia Volpini barchetta 1937 RHD

I like the Lancia Aprilia very much, but this famous sports-competition barchetta tuned by Volpini is just the ultimate one! What a pleasure to have her back into the showroom of my classic car garage!

In recent years, our mechanics assisted this Aprilia Volpini barchetta twice (2013 and 2014) when participating successfully at the Mille Migia. Her natural habitat!

Indeed, this Aprilia Volpini barchetta is considered as an authentic ex-Mille Miglia car and gets priority at the selection of eligible Mille Miglia cars.

I could buy this Aprilia Volpini in 2012 from a very good Italian friend, whose father had patiently collected over the years a fantastic series of top quality Lancia’s each of them with a fascinating history .

The most famous one is undoubtedly this Aprilia Volpini which has belonged to Lancia works driver Umberto Castiglioni, better known as Ippocampo.

He bought this Aprilia new as an Aprilia Convertible in 1937, but had his Lancia rebodied by Boneschi into a streamlined Coupé and tuned by Giampaolo Volpini.  After which he participated with his Aprilia Volpini to a very impressive list of competition events:

- 30/06/1946 Circuito di Modena: Race N° 80 - 3-rd in class and 3-rd General Classification.

- 29/09/1946 Coppa Arturo Mercanti: 2-nd in class and 8-th General Classification.

- 13/07/1947 Bolzano – Mendola: 2-nd in class and 2-nd General Classification.

- 20/07/1947 Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti: Race n° 157. DNF

- 14/09/1947 Circuito del Lido di Venzia: 4-th General Classification.

By the end of 1947 and beginning of 1948, this Aprilia was once again rebodied. This time into a light alloy barchetta by the Milano based Carrozzeria Tenconi. Body which is still on the car today.

- 11/08/1948 Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti: Race N° 161 - 1-st in class and 18-th Gen. Classification.

- 29/05/1949 Coppa InterEuropa di Monza: no classification.

- 17/06/1949 Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti: Race N° 94 – 17-th Gen. Classification.

- 31/07/1949 Coppa della Toscana: 17-th Gen. Classification.

- 18/09/1949 Vittorio Veneto – Cansiglio: 1-st in class.

- 02/10/1949 Como – Lieto Colle: 2-nd in class and 2-nd Gen. Classification.

- 26/031950 Coppa InterEuropa di Monza: 18-th in class.

- 04/06/1950 Coppa della Toscana: 1-st in class and 17-th Gen. Classification.

- 29/06/1950 Giro dell’ Umbria: 1-st in class and 12-th Gen. Classification.

- 16/07/1950 Coppa d’Oro Dolomiti: Race N° 90 - 1-st in class and 14-th Gen. Classification.

- 23/07/1950 Argegno – Lanzo: 1-st in class.

Umberto Castiglioni (alias Ippocampo) became Italian Champion in the categoria Turismo in 1950  with this Lancia Aprilia Volpini barchetta Tenconi.

My classic car workshop undertook a full rally preparation to participate at the 2013 Mille Miglia. We dismantled, checked and if necessary we rebuilt, all the mechanics: engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension, steering, cooling, fuel system, etc…

We also took care of the presentation with respect of the charming originality, the seating position, rally equipment, extra lights… and fitted a quadruple trumpet air-horn.

Furthermore we recreated a detachable, period-look, full width windscreen to which the original hood can be attached in case of bad weather.

As could be expected, this Aprilia Volpini performed faultlessly at the Mille Miglia in 2013 and once again in 2014.

If you would like to possess one of the most famous competition Lancias, which belonged to Lancia works driver Ippocampo and you are thinking of participating at the Mille Miglia (with 100% certitude) with a pre war sports-competition barchetta which drives as well as any post war car of the 50-ies, look no further, this Aprilia Volpini is the one and only!

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