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Make: Jaguar
Type: E-Type SI Coupé
Year: 1962
Price: € 0

A point ou bien cuit?

Visitors of our classic car garage know that our front garden is ornamented with a slowly declining sculpture: the wreck of Jaguar E-type SI Coupé, beyond repair.

A while ago, we announced that we had bought a rolling sculpture Jaguar E-Type SI Coupé which we intend to restore.
The Californian desert has given this classic car more than what we would call patina!
When it arrived at our showroom, we parked it next to our sculpture, and the cooking terms à point and bien cuit immediately sprung to mind.

Will its future owner leave this car dans son jus, or will he have it restored to a saignant condition?

One thing's for sure: when this rare car will leave our workshop, we can guarantee that the restoration will be well done!

If you're hungry after reading this, there's an amuse-bouche waiting behind the headlight cover: an original Californian escargot, adding one snail-power to the car!

All joking aside, this is an early E-Type 3.8 litre, as clearly shown by the bucket seats and the aluminium-trimmed centre console and instrument panel. The seats and door panels have been retrimmed, but the original red leather is still visible under the new upholstery. On top of that, its chassis number and engine number match.

We have checked over 30 very specific details on this car, and the high number of original 1962 parts can only confirm the almost untouched state of this car.

Even with these facts, the question remains: is this an excellent basis for a restoration project, or should this "art on four wheels" remain untouched? We leave it up to you!


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