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Make: OSCA
Type: 1600 GT2 Coupé Fissore
Year: 1962
Price: € 148000

Have you always dreamed of owning and driving a very rare, full-bred Italian Gran Turismo, that combines legendary names such as Maserati and Fissore? This is your chance!

Founded by the Maserati brothers in 1947, OSCA focused on building competition cars. Their small and light siluros and barchettas allowed private teams to outperform works teams who used much more powerful engines. Their impressive results include a 1st, 4th and 5th place in the 1954 Sebring 12-Hours, several class wins in the Mille Miglia, as well as the Index of Performance at Le Mans, which recognized the greatest measure of achievement by any car above the average for its class.

Despite the fact that the brothers had left Maserati because they did not want to be involved in making road cars, OSCA started producing GT cars in 1960. Faithful to their company's lightweight race car DNA, they used a tubular steel space frame chassis to build this GT.

Only 128 examples of the 1600 GT were built between 1960 and 1963. The engine of the 1600 GT was derived from a Fiat 1500 S engine, uprated to 1568 cc. The twin Weber carburettors of the GT2 brought its performance to 105 hp.

The largest part of the 1600 GTs were coachbuilt by Zagato (98 ex). This particular 1600 GT2 is one of only 21 coupés built by Fissore, a carrozzeria founded by four brothers in 1919. The Coupé Fissore was coachbuilt in steel, with a light alloy bonnet, bootlid and doors. The word that comes to mind when admiring the design of this coupé is 'purity': its sleek lines and absence of distracting details result in a car that looks stunning from every angle!

Fully restored in the 1980s, this 1600 GT2 looks like a car that is entirely original but that has always well been taken care of by its owners. In 2008, the engine was totally rebuilt, with its crankshaft being re-balanced and the camshafts replaced by new ones. It runs perfectly and at low speeds the engine is literally begging you to get it into higher revs. Isn't that exactly what Italian GT's are made for? Until last year, the car underwent a full MOT* on an annual basis.

Its former owners include John Geils (of the J. Geils Band) and renowned Swedish collector Hans Thulin, both men of impeccable taste. The first had the car's colour changed from an Alfa Romeo purple to red, whereas the latter was known for his Ferrari 250 GTO and Bugatti Royale.

So to sum this all up: with only a handful of known survivors, this is a very rare Gran Turismo of a fascinating Italian make, in perfect mechanical shape and in nice aesthetic condition, previously owned by people of impeccable taste. On top of that it's attractively priced at 148.000 Euro.


* In Belgium, there's a reduced MOT for classic cars, but a car's owner can always decide to request a full MOT, ensuring his vehicle is entirely up to modern traffic standards.

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