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Make: Lancia
Type: Flaminia Convertibile by Touring
Year: 1961
Price: € 0

This Flaminia Convertibile has so many strong points that it's difficult to decide where to start!

Let's begin with its history that's absolutely crystal clear. Built in 1961, this Flaminia Convertibile was driven by its first owner until 1968. In that year he took the car off the road, and he stored it in a safe and dry place, where it remained until a few years ago.

This brings us to the second great feature of this car: thanks to its limited usage and its long dry storage, it was in an excellent structural shape. It proved to be an excellent basis for a thorough but careful restoration. Luckily, there was no rust whatsoever, and the coachwork was also free of oxidation. This speaks for the high assembly quality of the body.

Which brings us to the next strong point: its wonderful design by Touring of Milan, famous for their Superleggera construction system consisting of a light alloy skin over a tubular birdcage frame. It's rare to find a convertible that has sleeker lines than the coupé version of the same car. It's even rarer for a convertible to look even better with the hood on than off. But this design of Touring has it all: classic lines combined with daring modern accents, and the pleasure of an open car combined with the elegance of a closed coupé.

On top of that, it comes with a stylish original Touring factory hardtop, restored to the same high standards as the car. Some other original features are the Lancia decals on the front windscreen, the toolkit with Lancia wrenches, the rubber trunk mat with Touring Superleggera logo, the Becker Europa hi-fi radio, ... all original! As for its current license plate MI 568198, what better place to own a Touring than in Milan?

It's not just a Touring car by name, it's also the perfect touring car. Driving this classy italian gentleman's convertible through the streets of Aalst, the 2.5 litre with 1 carburettor proved to be the ideal combination for a pleasant drive in the autumn sun.
This is truly a very refined car, for the Marcello Mastroianni among the car collectors!


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