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Make: Sizaire et Naudin
Type: Type F
Year: 1906
Price: € 79000

Sizaire et Naudin is one of those mythical French car makes from the dawn of motoring. Their simple concept of a basic single cylinder engine mounted in a reinforced wooden chassis resulted in a robust yet swift and agile voiturette that managed to beat larger four-cylinder cars – the eternal battle of displacement vs. weight! Sizaire et Naudin won the Coupe de l'Auto from 1906 to 1908, showing clearly that their concept was superior to the more complex high displacement engines.

Most of the technology that Sizaire et Naudin used on their voiturette was already well known: reinforced wooden chassis had already been around for quite some time, their engine was based on the De Dion concept, and their independent front suspension by sliding pillars and a transverse leaf spring was a concept that Decauville already used on their earlier models. Their gearbox however was unique: it used an integral 3-speed differential with 3 straight-cut pinions that interacted with a single large straight-cut crown wheel.

This Type F voiturette, with chassis number 1126, has a 942cc engine, which results in a power output of 8hp. Coupled to the 3-speed gearbox, this is more than sufficient power to get this light Edwardian car to 60 km/h – or more if you dare!
The previous owner acquired this Sizaire et Naudin as a stranded restoration project almost ten years ago. With the help of a renowned Belgian workshop specialised in pre-WWI engines, he managed to get this car back on the road. It drove its first 100 kilometers one year ago, after which a lot of time was spent fine-tuning the engine.
A pair of period Ducellier brass lamps and a brass horn add the finishing touch to this charming voiturette. Front and rear wings are also foreseen, finished in the same colour as the body and ready to be fitted, to give the car a more civilised appearance. We prefer its current look however, a true brass era racer!

This is your opportunity to acquire a specimen of a rare French make, with a very light and attractive body. Thanks to the many hours of work invested by the previous owner, this car is ready for one of the many Edwardian motoring events around Europe. Speaking of which, you can admire this car during the Circuit des Ardennes, from 6 to 8 July 2017 in the region of Bastogne. Be there to see us fly by at 60 km/h – or more if we dare!

Price: 79.000 Euro

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