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Make: Jaguar
Type: XJ-S V12 Convertible LHD
Year: 1988
Price: This car is sold

In life, things can be quite simple: if you like this car and it's within your budget, there is absolutely no reason not to buy it.

The Jaguar XJ-S is undoubtedly a future classic, that will surely follow in the footsteps of the iconic E-Type. Produced from 1975 till 1996, a full convertible wasn't added to the range until 1988. Over 12.000 examples of this first series of XJ-S V12 5.3 convertibles were built, but nowadays a healthy one is scarce!

Sold in the USA in 1988, this XJ-S is such a rare find. With less than 55.000 miles on the counter, and very well cared for over the years, it is in a remarkably good and original condition. The original white paint shows very little signs of wear, the coachwork is very straight, all chrome parts are original and in excellent condition, and so is the dark brown hood. On top of that, the biscuit leather interior is slightly patinated, exactly the way we like it. The aftermarket chrome wire wheels make the car look a bit more classic, as do the original US spec twin headlights.

If you're not convinced yet, a test drive will do the trick: very homogeneous feel on the road, perfect road holding, effortless driving for hours in a row... and thanks to the excellent kickdown response, you can easily jump from smooth and silent gliding to powerful acceleration!

A lot of car for your money!

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