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Make: Alfa Romeo
Type: Giulietta Spider 750D
Year: 1959
Price: € 138000

We love cars that have the ability to catapult you to a different era and place. This delightful light blue Giulietta Spider is such a car: driving it through the Flemish countryside on a sunny winter's day, we couldn't help but feel like we were cruising through Italy during the spring of 1959. Its appealing blue livery is still (or again?) a very fashionable colour almost sixty years later, and if the first owner drove it again today, he would say that it drives even better than when it left the Alfa Romeo dealership!

The feeling of perfection that you get when seeing this car, stepping into it and driving it, isn't a coincidence: after a full restoration in our very own internationally renowned classic car workshop Twin Cam, this Giulietta Spider is absolutely faultless.
It arrived in our garage last year, wearing an elegant black hard-top. It had spent several years in Corsica, where it was used as a summer car. Over the years, the previous owner had improved the car's usability for long distance driving by upgrading the gearbox to a 5-speed from a Giulia and fitting disc brakes to the front wheels.

We saw this early Giulietta Spider passo corto as the ideal basis for a restoration to our very high standards, respecting the car's original specifications while keeping the ingenious improvements made in the past. The result? A stunning Giulietta Spider with perfectly straight panels that fit impeccably, a top-of-the-shelf paintjob in its original colour, all details finished to the same high level, and the best is yet to come: it drives even better than it looks! This Giulietta handles nice and lightly, and its smooth-running eagerly-revving engine coupled to a gearbox that shifts like a knife through hot butter makes the ride just... perfect!

Love is blind, but when a car is so charming, it's difficult to stop looking! So let's just say that of all Giulietta Spiders out there, this little jewel is the one that you can blindly trust.

Price: 138.000 Euro

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