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Make: Lancia
Type: Appia Berlina 3rd series LHD
Year: 1962
Price: € 0

Let's jump back in time, to the fifties and sixties: many Italian families can finally fulfill their dream of owning a car. While the Fiat 1100 successfully covers the basic needs, and the Alfa Romeo Giulietta appeals to those with a "sporting heart", the Lancia Appia is without a doubt the thinking man's choice.

Launched in 1953, the Lancia Appia combines the advanced technology that Lancia has accumulated over the years, with the refined styling of its big sister, the Lancia Aurelia. It combines the space of a family car with the road-handling of a compact car. It combines high-end design and manufacturing with a reasonable budget and maintenance costs. A very accomplished car, the Appia is a true engineering tour de force.

With the third series, launched in 1959, comes a "facelift": the traditional Lancia grille is replaced with a horizontal grille in the style of the Lancia Flaminia. The car's narrow angle V4 engine is also uprated to 48hp, bringing the top speed to 132 km/h.

This particular 3rd series Appia Berlina has been hand-picked by our Italian friend and Lancia Appia connoisseur Matteo. Active for many years in the Lancia Appia club, he can recognize a valuable Appia from a mile away. He has chosen this particular car for its healthy and very original condition. Just looking at the perfect closing lines of the doors on this pillarless saloon, one immediately understands that the bodywork is in excellent condition. According to Matteo, the interior seems to be original, and it is in a very good, slightly patinated condition.

Over the past few months, the car has undergone a mechanical restoration under the supervision of Matteo. It's only after driving this fantastic little gem that we understand why the restoration has taken so long: Matteo has aimed for perfection, and that's what he has delivered. The road handling is just superb: it glides over the road and steers very lightly, making for a very pleasant and comfortable ride - no wonder Lancia kept its sliding pillar suspension for over forty years! The V4 engine runs like a charm and provides the car with a very lively performance. The column gear shift is accurate and efficient, and the same can be said about the brakes. It was definitely worth the wait!

If you're still wondering why we're so lyrical about this Appia, just come for a test drive, and let this charming Berlina surprise you.
You won't be disappointed!

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