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Make: Aston Martin
Type: DB4 Series II
Year: 1961
Price: Ask price

What if you're madly in love with the DB4 GT, but "the real deal" is out of reach? A modern rebuild isn't an option either: they're only suitable for track use, and as a true classic car lover, you want an original classic Aston Martin of course.
Well, today is your lucky day, because we have exactly what you want, and at half the price of a continuation DB4 GT!

Over the years, this Series II DB4 with chassis number DB4/532/R has been cleverly upgraded to feel equally at home on the road or on the race track, and to combine raw power with sheer elegance just like its contemporary DB4 GT.

The cosmetic upgrades stand out immediately. The typical covered headlights, the absence of front and rear bumpers and of position lights at the front, the wider 15" Borrani wire wheels with three ear spinners, the quick release filler caps on both rear pillars and the lower stance thanks to the Harvey Bailey suspension kit add a very raw and competitive touch to the DB4’s elegant and refined look.

The car's original engine (n° 370/548) has been upgraded to Vantage specification, so the performance matches the looks. The gearbox has been replaced with a Getrag 5-speed gearbox, while the rear axle's ratio has been modified from 3.06:1 to 3.54:1, all with the intention of creating the ideal car for the gentleman racer who doesn't just want to arrive at the race track in style, but who also wants to give his opponents a run for their money.

With its GT look based on an authentic and correct Series II DB4 chassis and its many intelligent upgrades, this stunning Aston Martin is sure to make you as well feel equally at home on the road or on the race track!

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