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Make: Ferrari
Type: Dino 308 GT4
Year: 1975
Price: € 0

The Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 is in our opinion one of the most underestimated Ferraris. There are so many reasons to love this atypical "prancing horse".

The first one is obvious: a worthy successor to the 206 and 246, it truly perpetuates the Dino legacy. It shares many characteristics with its older sisters, the most evident one being its remarkable behaviour on the road thanks to a perfect weight distribution. Dinos are known for their go-kart-like sensations, and the 308 GT4 easily takes them to the next level. You feel the road very well, yet the car provides sufficient stability and comfort for long-distance travelling. And while the steering is very direct and responsive, it doesn't feel like you have to make any effort to steer this "toy for grown-ups" towards your destination. This is a very well-engineered car!

The second reason is our favourite one: the design! Marcello Gandini sure managed to make this Bertone design stand out from the contemporary Ferraris! Its angular, wedge-like shape gives it the appearance of a stealth aircraft. Mind you, you won't stay under the radar when the people see you zooming by in this futuristic classic!
The design doesn't limit itself to the extravagant exterior, the car's interior is also a true masterpiece. You notice it immediately when you enter the car: everything is aimed towards you as a driver and your enjoyment. It's almost like taking a seat in a cockpit: the dashboard seems wrapped around you, all the controls and neatly designed buttons are perfectly within reach – even the radio is directed entirely towards you. To give your passengers the feeling that they're not entirely left out, the rear seats are carved out in stylish contrasting colours. You can almost hear the Ferrari salesman whisper in a potential buyer's ear to tell his wife that "of course, there's room for the kids!"

The third reason becomes perfectly clear when driving: the 3 litre 90 degree V8 engine sings so nicely when you push it into higher revs! Thanks to its 4 Weber carburetors, it provides supple power, it is very willing, and while it can also be driven easily in city traffic, it feels best at home on the highway, releasing its 250 horses.

There's also every reason to love this striking "Blu Chiaro" 308 GT4. Originally delivered in 1975 by the Turinese Ferrari dealer Walter Bordese, the leather document pouch that comes with the car still contains the original Instruction Book and Warranty Card & Owner Service Book, as well as several old maintenance invoices (in millions of Lira) and copies of old carte di circolazione. After having spent almost forty years in and around Turin, the current Belgian owner fell in love with this light metallic blue Dino and its eye-catching dark blue and cream interior five years ago. He immediately invested a lot of effort in getting this ravishing Dino in perfect mechanical shape. There are several invoices on file for a full revision of the brakes, the suspension, the steering, the clutch and for a timing belt replacement. The result is that today, this Dino drives even better than it looks! Our test drive sure left us longing for more!

But the best reason to love this Dino 308 GT4, is its price: you get a whole lot of car (and fun!) for your money!

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