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Make: Rolls-Royce
Type: Phantom II Limousine by Hooper
Year: 1932
Price: € 0

Imagine the year is 1932, and you have to choose your dream job. Many of you would of course choose to be a race driver, but I don't have the talent (or the guts?) for that. No, if I had to choose, I would want to be the personal driver of a wealthy British family! Just imagine being allowed to take place behind the steering wheel of the most prestigious limousines each and every day, to sit in the most comfortable leather seats surrounded by the finest woodwork, to hear – or actually not to hear – the most majestic of engines barely make a sound when accelerating... and not to risk your life like your friends who chose a career as a racing pilot!

And what a joy it must have been to find out that, of all cars on the market, "His Lordship" had chosen a Rolls-Royce Phantom II as new family car! Quite a wise decision: not only did the Phantom II benefit from an improved chassis compared to the Phantom I which substantially improved road handling, its 7.7 litre 6-cylinder engine was also a refinement of the Phantom I's notoriously reliable and powerful engine. As of 1932, the Phantom II's four-speed gearbox was also upgraded with synchromesh on gears 3 and 4, so what better year to acquire such a fine motorcar?

This Rolls-Royce Phantom II with chassis number 46MS was fitted in 1932 with an enclosed limousine body by Hooper & C°, purveyor to the British royal family. Originally finished in dark blue and black, its current colour combination – painted in twelve layers of cellulose – gives it a much lighter aspect, while the fine golden pinstripe adds to its refinement. And as it suits a '30s limousine, the driver’s seat is upholstered in the finest leather while those at the back are trimmed in light cloth.

46MS was acquired by its current owner 44 years ago, and was subsequently fully restored by him with the help of various skilled craftsmen. This ground up restoration, executed with the utmost attention to detail and respect for authenticity, took the owner over 3.500 hours, professional help excluded. In the 8.400 km that the owner drove in the following 40 years, he prides himself that 46MS has not once been towed, proving yet again the Phantom’s legendary dependability. This is of course also due to the excellent care given by the owner throughout these four decades, spending numerous hours lovingly maintaining, improving and pampering this beautiful Phantom II limousine.

Driving this car is like a walk in the park – and a very fancy park at that! Daydreaming about 1930's career choices is nice, but aren't daydreams made to be turned into reality?


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