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Make: Lancia
Type: Flavia Vignale Spider
Year: 1966
Price: € 0

Lancia Flavia Vignale Spider 1.8i 1966 LHD
Or: How to really enjoy a glass of Prosecco!

The ingredients to experience this fully and in style are: - a sunny Sunday around noon in the company of your loved one and some good friends, - Conegliano, the birthplace of Prosecco, - the charming bar (with a breathtaking view over the hills & vineyards): Al Belvedere del Castello.
And - this is absolutely essential - the right car to go there: this 1966 Lancia Flavia Vignale Spider 1.8 iniezione. Not too much, but certainly not too little. Restraint beauty with - well yes let us use this word in these circumstances - sparkling technology.

With the Flavia, Lancia introduced the innovative use of the front wheel drive traction (for safety) and the flat-four engine concept (for a lower point of gravity). Although the vast majority of Flavias was initially fed by twin double Weber carburettors, Lancia opted for state of the art Kugelfischer iniezione (admire the chrome handwriting on the boot and the discreet colourful badge on the radiator grille) in the last dozens of cars (out of the 877 produced only 43 Vignale Spiders left the Lancia factory with iniezione).

Driving a Lancia Flavia 4-door saloon this sunny Sunday noon, would be great.
At the wheel of a Pininfarina Coupé could be much more stylish, the Sport Zagato might not be to everybody's taste and maybe a bit "over the top", but, believe me - I did this exercise -, the elegant Vignale Spider is just right!

Onlookers applauded the superb presentation in Newmarket Grey with red leather upholstery (from original colourscheme) on the perfectly balanced Vignale design when I turned-up the Castello square. Comfortably seated on the terrace of the Belvedere Bar, I didn't know what to enjoy most: the stunning view over the with vineyards covered hills, the glass of sparkling Prosecco in my hand or the exquisite Lancia Flavia Vignale Spider attractively parked on the square...
My wife and friends laughed at me and wished us all: Salute!
Let's enjoy the good things of life! And the best news is that those good things of life aren’t expensive at all….

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