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Make: Jaguar
Type: E-Type SI 3.8 Roadster LHD
Year: 1963
Price: This car is sold

The perfect "make a wish" Jaguar E-type!

If I could wish me a Jaguar E-type, I would want her to be:
- 1st Series 3.8 Roadster,
- Gunmetal Grey with oxblood red leather interior,
- European spec with super provenance sold by a famous Jaguar dealer,
- in excellent condition and affordable.
I am quite sure you agree with me, don't you?
Well, look no further, we found you this super E-type!

This 1963 Jaguar E-Type Roadster embodies everything we love about E-Types:
- the very sleek design inside and outside that made this early model stand out from the start: covered headlights, bucket seats with a curved top, aluminium-trimmed centre console and instrument panel;
- the original 3.8 litre 6-cylinder engine;
- Opalescent Gunmetal Grey – is there any colour that suits an E-Type Roadster better? And what's makes it even more desirable, this is the car's original colour!
Strangely enough the interior which according to the the Heritage Certificate should be dark red has been altered to a pleasant beige.

While many of the left hand drive E-types that are for sale today in Europe began their life in the USA, this 1st series Roadster actually followed the opposite route. It was delivered new in Frankfurt, Germany, through Jaguar importer Peter Lindner – if that name doesn't ring a bell, just Google it together with "low drag coupé", "Le Mans" or "Nürburgring". The first owner was US Army Officer B.B. Griffins, who bought it and used it while being stationed in Germany. He took the car back with him to the USA upon his military discharge.

Fully restored to a very high level in the USA some years ago, it still retains its original engine block and the typical early Moss gearbox. Since its return to Europe four years ago, it has always been well-maintained, and has received a number of intelligent upgrades over the years:
- 4-pot calipers at the front and 2-pot calipers at the rear ensure the car brakes as well as it goes.
- several improvements to the cooling system makes that this is one of the coolest running E-Types we've encountered.
It's also one of the best driving ones: the famous XK engine is an absolute dream, it runs very smoothly and clearly hasn't lost any of its 265 horses, and the road handling is just excellent!


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