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Make: Aston Martin
Type: DB2/4 MkI 3 Litre Saloon LHD
Year: 1955
Price: This car is sold

While every day the newspapers focus on the disastrous Brexit, we'd rather admire the wonderful automobiles that Great Britain has given us. Ask anyone to name a prestigious British car make, and you will soon have a list filled with Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and of course Aston Martin, which has become the undisputed icon of refined British performance cars.

Although the larger audience is more familiar with the DB4 and its successors, we are particularly fond of the Feltham-era Aston Martins. In our opinion, they are the seminal Aston Martins that paved the way for the future successes of the brand. The avant-garde DB2/4 was a true first in the motoring world: a four-seat sporting hatchback, a concept that has become almost omnipresent in the current automobile landscape. Initially fitted with the 2.6 litre Vantage engine from the DB2, a more powerful 140hp "VB6J" 3 litre engine made its appearance in 1954.

LML653 is one of these 3 litre saloons, and while its original Sea Green over Beige Connolly colour combination further enhances its British look, the position of the steering wheel immediately reveals that it was destined to leave Britain. Delivered new in Luxemburg in 1955, it spent 25 years in Italy before arriving in Belgium in 2015. Just one year earlier, its original 3 litre engine VB6J/141 (matching numbers!) has been overhauled, and it really shows: it sings wonderfully, its power output is just marvellous, and the driving experience is everything one could expect from a solid, honest and charming DB2/4 in excellent condition.

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