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Make: Alfa Romeo
Type: Giulietta Spider Veloce
Year: 1960
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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce 1960 LHD - Castle of Heers barnfind.

Chassis n°: AR168522
Engine n°: AR00106*01642 (matching numbers!)

A close to divine Alfa!

In my classic car career I had on quite a few occasions the chance to act a little bit as if I was GOD. I specify "a little bit" because compared with the divine 3 days I, as a human amateur, only succeeded to execute a ressurection in... 3 years!

The ressurection story of this original Belgian Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce starts with superb barnfind photos of a derelict Alfa Romeo collection in the cellars of the Castle of Heers (Province of Limburg - Belgium).
Amongst these Alfa Romeos was also a rare Giulietta Spider Veloce, which immediately attracted my interest.
Alfa Romeo Automobilismo Storico certified that this wreck was originally sold new in Belgium and a rare factory Veloce version.
From the barnfind photos it is clearly visible that the red Giulietta was initially white, which is also confirmed by the Alfa Romeo certificate.

After a lengthy in depth-restoration in collaboration with our Italian colleagues, renowned Alfa Romeo specialists, I am very proud to present this immaculate Giulietta Spider Veloce, correct into the smallest details, as gloriously resurrected from the cellars of the Castle of Heers, which for the poor Giulietta must have seemed like hell.
This work of art is very well documented with dozens of photographs showing all the aspects of the restoration in detail (mechanical, coachwork, trim, chrome, electricity, etc...).

Who wouldn't be happy to drive this original Belgian Giulietta Spider Veloce after this long hibernation into the bright sunshine? You?

Price: ASK

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