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Make: Jaguar
Type: MKII 3.8
Year: 1962
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Jaguar MKII 3.8 Vicarage Convertible 1962 LHD

Me and the Jaguar MKII, we go back a long time together!

When I was 25 (I am 64 now...) I was very proud I had 3 examples in my garage. All of them needed work and none of them were top of the range. But the look of this 240, a Daimler 250 and yes, a proper 3.4, gleeming silently to me every time I opened the garage door, is still nearly 40 years later a vivid image amongst my many classic car memories.

Following-up closely the specialists and parts suppliers for this iconic Jaguar saloon, mainly all active in the UK, I discovered one day Vicarage Jaguar Restorations.
At that time I was quite smitten by the panache of this company which took on the challenge to modernise the classic Jaguar MKII to an almost modern "every-day-classic" by offering the choice between a modern 5-speed gearbox or a modern automatic gearbox, rack&pinion power steering, 4-pod brake calipers on ventilated disc brakes, airco, tinted & electric windows, central locking, improved ventilation and heating, inertia seatbelts, headrests, etc...etc... Their "over-the-top" masterpiece was a stylish 2-door Convertible modification of this classic saloon with power hood and which, to me, looked "just the business"...!

Today, I have just such a Vicarage MKII Convertible in stock...
Approximatively 10 years ago a customer of mine (after all these years of many classic Jaguar adventures together he became a good classic car friend) pointed this 1962 Jaguar MKII 3.8 out to me. A Vicarage Convertible variant which, for one or another reason, hadn't made it to final completion. An afternoon together around this project was enough to turn the sparkle into a warm hot fire.
My classic car workshop Twin Cam bvba took on the job to finalise this Vicarage to my customers specification. Thanks to our expertise in classic Jaguars and our until then rather gentle approach for upgrading the Jaguar MKII, this job wasn't at all a problem for us. A couple of months later the Jaguar MKII Convertible was up and running, looking very attractive and surprisingly comfortable... In short: "Just the business!"
Ideal for a dynamic grandad to collect his grandchildren from school.

Today, even if times have changed, the attraction of this Jaguar MKII Convertible by Vicarage is still very obvious. Well, I haven't changed and I am quite sure I have more potential classic car friends out there who neither have... Just contact me and let's stir-up the Jaguar MKII fire!


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