Salmson S4E Splendilux by Esclassan - Conservative restoration

A couple of years ago, following-up a tip from one of our French customers, we found this ultra rare Salmson (apparently only 3 or 4 made) in a shed located in the Loire area. 35 years ago a local dentist bought this beautiful coach built Salmson with the idea to bring the car back to her former glory.

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In a way, we were very lucky that this project never materialised and that this Salmson Splendilux was still totally original when we dragged the car out of the shed in which she had been sleeping all those years.

We immediately understood that it would be fantastic to execute a conservative restoration on this car. A plan we luckily could easily convince our Belgian customer and great Salmson enthusiast to adopt.

Our classic car workshop started with a thorough inspection and a good cleaning of the car.

We needed to replace both sills and also some floor sections, redress the doors and align these correctly, treat the car to a new wiring harness, rebuild the engine and gearbox, check the suspensions, service the brakes, fit a pattern made exhaust system, etc…

It's only when we started test-driving this elegant Salmson and that we realised how exciting this project was. The charm emanating from this Salmson is just mouth-watering… Don’t you agree?

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