Parisotto 750 - Mille Miglia preparation

The previous owner found this Fiat-engined Parisotto in a scrapyard more than 40 years ago, complete but without papers and number plates. This man, who was a Fiat service mechanic, took on the restoration himself.

When we acquired the car it was in good running condition, but unfortunately during the restoration authenticity was less of a concern than mechnical reliability. The owner had made some modifications such as the exhaust, the Borrani wire wheels, the disc brakes, the pedals and several gadgets which did not add to the purity of design of this elegant barchetta.

For the current owner, we have restored this car back to its original specifications, focusing on authenticy and conformity. Not an easy job knowing that only nine Parisotto's have ever been made (and each one with a different engine!) but this is the kind of project on which our experienced and skilled team can show its epxertise.

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