Alfa Romeo 1900C SS - Full restoration

To tell the story of this Alfa Romeo, we have to start off with a different car make: Imperia, one of the most famous Belgian car manufacturers. They built cars from 1906 until 1948, in Nessonvaux. The factory where the Imperia's were built still exists, and it's famous for its rooftop test track.

Later on, Triumphs and Standards were also built at the Nessonvaux plant, and when business started going down, Imperia also started importing Alfa Romeo's.

This 1900C SS (the C stands for Corto, the SS for Super Sport) was delivered new in Nessonvaux, with a magnificent black alloy coachwork built by Touring Superleggera of Milan. It's a third series 1900 coupé, and there a clearly some similarities with the Giulietta Sprint. One of the previous owners decided to give her this two-tone red and silver colour combination.

We are currently fully restoring this Mille Miglia eligible car together with our partners in Italy, a team of highly reputed skillsmen who know these cars by heart, and with whom we have collaborated frequently in the past.

Keep an eye on our stocklist to see this beauty when it's finished!

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