Aston Martin DB2/4 MkI and MkIII - Full restoration

A classic issue with DB2's and DB2/4's that are in need of restoration, is the steering that needs constant adjustment when driving in a straight line. Some try to solve this by tightening the steering mechanism. As a result, you can drive in a straight line without needing constant correction, but as soon as you reach a turn, your heart stops: the steering has become so heavy that you have the impression that you can no longer turn left or right!

The only good solution is to replace the steering mechanism, but for a left hand drive it's entirely the opposite of a right hand drive steering mechanism. Since LHD steering mechanisms are impossible to find on the market, we decided to make our own tooling to recreate all parts of a LHD DB2/4 steering mechanism. As you can see, here at Twin Cam, we spare no effort to bring your restoration to the highest level!

With this originally Sea Green DB2/4, found back in Canada as a rusty red wreck, we went from this...

... via this...

... to this, a concours restored original LHD DB2/4, completely as it was when it left the Feltham factory:


Meanwhile, we are making good progress on the full restoration of this splendid "Peony Red" Aston Martin DB MkIII.

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